Friday, November 20, 2009

Samplers, Aprons and Pins! Oh My!

There was a "one on one" sampler swap that Virginia did. The sampler on the left was made by Virginia for Alisa Noble. The sampler on the right was made by Alisa for Virginia!
Are they incredible or what!!!!!!!!!!!
There was an apron swap, too.
In case you are new to my blog...these were all done for
Silver Bella.... they were signed up for on the Silver Bella
Yahoo Group ahead of time.
I love these aprons! You made your "fragments" and
sent them to Valita, who made the apron bases and
sewed the pieces on.
Everyone gets their swaps the first night after dinner
and the group project!
Above is Shannon's apron and
below is a full view! We like to make little goodies to share with our buddies.... Virginia made these felted flower pins for a few of us! ....still unpacking...


Lorrie said...

Those samplers are gorgeous! I love all the details in them. And all the goodies you girls share at Silver Bella are just wonderful!

Enjoy unpacking, and keep taking photos!


carole brungar said...

Yep, pretty darn cool samplers!!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

oh so much fun and fancy scmancy!!!

Margaret said...

Gorgeous samplers, the apron is just divine, I simply couldn't wear something as fab as that, I'd have it tacked up on the wall in no time!!

Julia said...

Oh, I miss all those goodies....but not the unpacking! That took me days last year. Good times.


Unknown said...

OMG, YES! to answer your sampler question.

The apron is wonderful too!
Now, you don't actually wear it to cook in, do you? ;)

Jeanie said...

Putting these on an apron is awesome! Loveit!

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Love the samplers! They are fantastic! Sampler aprons! Wonderful!!

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sharon said...

I love those samplers. I'm going to have to try my hand at it.