Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Joy Jingle Banners and Passports!

I recently hosted a banner swap on
I called it Joy Jingle Banner Swap and the guidelines,
besides the size,
were they had to be
orange, pink and yellow
and have at least one bell on them!
They are amazing! Lynn, who did the pink pom-pom one below,
also has great pictures
on her blog.
If you played in this swap and have them on your blog,
please let me know!
Now this.... you may not realize that it's "show us your passport photo month" in the blog world...
Well, Julia has been haunting various CVS and Walgreens pharmacies on the west side
of Houston this summer to find someone to take a decent passport photo of her.
I'm sure if you live on that side of town you have noticed her. She also has gout.... really sad for one so young.... but it's under control now. This is ALL on her blog, so I'm not telling anything that's not public knowledge. Just trying to help you get an image and a desire to go see
her passport photo.
It seems that I agreed to show mine if she showed her's..... and also Peggy.
These women are part of our Houston Constituency to Silver Bella ... so there ya go. Nuff said.
..oh...and those are NOT black moles on my face -
apparently they are part of the passport making process...


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love the banners, they are so colorful. I don't have a passport so I could not show one. Yours came out great!

Irma :)

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Fun banners, so colorful and sweet that they jingle too!

Nice passport pic! Like your star status teehee!

Julia said...

I'm not suggesting that you drink heavily, but your passport photo suggest it! ha. I think the mole is very Cindy Crawford. I would pencil it in each day.

May we never be as ugly as our passport photo....Julia

Jodi Ohl said...

Great banners--love them! Such sweet artsy goodness on your blog, thank you for visiting mine today :)

Jeanie said...

Oh, wow. I have to get into swaps sometime after the summer is over and maybe things calm down. These are just fabulous banners -- looks like everyone was a winner!

Nice Passport! I'll have to find mine and play along!