Monday, August 17, 2009

Winning is Good!

I won this circus ATC
titled "She liked to dream big!"
from Katie over at

She arrived in great company...

and wrapped in a vintage hankie!
Katie has been an online friend for awhile now and...
we are going to get to meet
at Silver Bella!
I know.... I can't believe it either!
There will be lots of pictures taken!
Also...have to show you that today I made a label
for the water bottles I'm including
in the gift bags for the
hotel guests
at my
son's wedding
next month!
Maybe tomorrow I'll assemble the
cookie boxes and glue the
flowers on them!


Malisa said...

Girl, you are as busy as usual! Love the labels! What else are you making? I am behind on the news! I want photos!


Margaret said...

are you going to set up a personalised wedding service at the end of all this?? you'd have a great market out there, wish I could come up with half your ideas!! fab!
Congratulations on your goodie bag win!! beautiful things

Jeanie said...

Great win and wonderful bottles! How cool is this -- I'm with Margaret on the personalized wedding service!

natalea said...

Love the ATC lucky girl!
xo nat

Unknown said...

Where do you have time to enter contests? hee hee. What a fun package to receive!

Nice labels. Is this instead of personalized champagne bottles? ;) And cookies sound YUMMY!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a fabulous prize! Love the labels. Thanks again for sharing the baby shoe pattern.

Irma :)