Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wandering Thoughts Wednesday

You know, of course, that I have a whole SLEW
of blog favorites that don't show up on my blog roll.
I think it's illegal to have as many favorites as I do....
or at least not advisable.
Anyway...... thought I'd mention a couple of them to ya...since it's a slow day... I'm confined to the house because we are getting a new roof...the old one ...which looked perfectly grand...was almost 24 years old. You woulda thought Hurricane Ike would've messed it up, wouldn't you? But....noooooo...we were blessssssssssssssed.
I go to the art room and do a few things, think of something I need downstairs, end up on the computer, book a vacation, have them write back and say "oh we are so sorry....that house is already booked by the owner". Geeeeze louise.... so I'll just update my blog... Anyway.... look here:
A Fanciful Twist is one of the most magical blogs I read. I love her!!
And I've ordered from her etsy shop and Highly Recommend!
She has great blogland can spend hours on her blog...don't scrimp.
Yes, I've probably told you about her before veteran readers... but I
think it's worth mentioning again. And she's at the top of my alphabetical list...almost.
I really thought this was in the blog roll.... you must go here!
I just discovered it the other day. Below are a couple of things I recently made....
I made two bookmarks out of scraps on my desk and immediately
put them in the mail to internet friends!!

I'm in a childhood themed swap with some friends... below is what I thought I was going to make. I wasn't happy with it.... so this is mine to keep and I'll show you what I ended up making very, very soon - when the recipient has it in her hands!

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas.... "Where the West Begins" is the city trademark...


Unknown said...

Wandering Wednesday indeed! I checked your links and wandered off in Blogland and ALMOST forgot to return to post on YOUR blog!

I love your bookmarks! Amazing what you can do with scraps. They are some of my favorite materials!

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm. I'm dying to see what you DID end up doing for the childhood swap! Love you on the pony!

shoreacres said...

Howdy, neighbor! I just saw you pop up at Marmelade Gypsy and thought I'd come by to say hi - I'm down at South Shore Harbor in League City.

I don't do any of the things you all do, but I surely do admire them ;-) Those bookmarks might be a nice little projects... if only I had some time! Don't we all whine about that?

Anna said...

beautiful bookmarks!! I love the fort worth city scape!! You are a truly talent lady!! I will always be your adoring #1 fan!! xo, amt

natalea said...

Linda, thanks for the links! I'm a BIG FAN of A Fanciful Twist and I'm preparing for the Mad Tea Party! Can't wait!
I went and bought Art Quilting and am so proud of my friend! It's such a great issue! Love the bookmarks too!
Hope all is well and your roof turned out nicely... xo nat

Jeanie said...

Very cool! I like your wandering! Those bookmarks are the best! Aren't scraps fun?

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

riding a pony, how cute is that!

your bookmarks are lovely and all the more special I think using what is waiting for you to notice it all around you, the lace is a very sweet touch!

Margaret said...

what what?? you didn't use this one in the swap? I think it looks pretty darn cool but now I just wonder what you have done?? can't wait! mine went in the post today.
Love the bookmarks, funnily enough I thought of making some myself yesterday as I'm sick of the scraps of paper I'm using instead. very inspiring you are!

larin said...

I love the bookmarks Linda! Absolutely lovely. :-) --LaRinda