Monday, June 15, 2009

Childhood Art Swap

My new swap partners....the QB5.....
recently exchanged 4 x 6 pieces that were to be about our childhood.
Here's mine...... I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and I lived in books.
I read all of those favorite childhood books in the 50's - such as Nancy Drew,
The Bobbsey Twins, The Adventures of the Hardy Boys, The Boxcar Children,
Black Beauty and any book about horses.
So I had an old copy of Black Beauty...just the right size....
I glued some of the pages together and then sewed around the edges.
I then brushed melted beeswax over it.
After that I assembled an old library card (thank you, Nathalie)
with a black and white photo of me on a horse...with lace around it on some
(velvet ribbon or rickrak on others).
Added a vintage "looking" flower (come in packs at Michaels and scrapbook stores).
Put eyelets in and ran vintage seam binding through for a hanger.

I forgot to photograph the back...and I didn't keep one for myself...

so here is Margaret's photo of my back

I had some new library card and pockets ...

so I adhered that to the back with a small card describing my childhood love of books.

Patty in Virginia couldn't play with us this time....
but she did send us all childhood atcs and was able to do one 4 x 6 (we had a drawing).
Isn't this the cutest! It seems there may be tongue issues in this group.
A very sweet, young Nathalie pictured here! She embellished her card to reflect her homecountry dress. She now resides in Missouri. Below is Margaret's. Margaret is from New Zealand but has lived for many years with her husband and children in Switzerland. You should go to her blog for more close-ups of all of our pieces! Here is Carole's piece. She is in New Zealand and loves fabric and excels with it. Be sure and visit Margaret's blog for great close-ups. Visit all of their blogs as they have wonderful art posted. Nathalie and Patty have come up with GREAT ideas for hanging Carole's piece...through those loops. Go look! We are working on our next swap! It should be fab!


Unknown said...

OMG! Your flowers are from a craft store? You totally burst MY bubble! And here I thought they were a vintage millinary find at Round Top or something. I am undone.

You make us all look SO good Linda! What a beautiful post!

Margaret said...

Just love this set of cards, I only wish I'd made one for myself!

Nathalie and her burst bubble will be ok, she has a house full of vinatge! really she does hee hee...

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Oh you did such a nice job Linda, I felt challenged doing everyone justice.

I'm off to watch the Father's Day video

natalea said...

AW! I love all of these pieces!! The childhood theme is one of my favorites! xo nat

carole brungar said...

OMG I too thought the flowers were real old, and you bought them from a craft store?! They are gorgeous!!
They all look lovely displayed together!