Monday, March 2, 2009


Spring is creeping in around here! Above is a picture from Virginia's house. We would be great set designers for a magazine shoot... in case anyone from that area is reading my blog... and we ARE available! Anyway.... obviously that is a Sarah Lugg box, and then next to it is a Viv creation that was purchased on Etsy! And then two little birdies that Virginia ordered from Fancy Tiger and made before Christmas last year.
Here is my bunny that I ordered from the same place and made while I watched the Oscars last month. The little house on the right is from Amy of Inspireco. Got it from her at Silver Bella in 2007. And the girls on the left are by Nicol Sayre.
Below is some red crepe paper that I bleached per Pam Garrison's instructions. Actually I think just rinsing them would've been sufficient. The trick is not to unroll it ... just plunk it down in a tin pan and sit it where it can dry. It took a week or so to dry around here... I left it outside.... it's in great shape and quite useable and the color is soft. Be careful that you don't rid it of all of it's color.
Tomorrow a major event is taking place at my house!!! Hurry back!


Unknown said...

Oooo, I have a heart shaped brooch I made with vintage buttons a millions years ago. Maybe I need to frame and display it. Love the newspaper bird and thread spool. More inspiration! And I think I have some old crepe paper around... but it's white already. Maybe I could tint it with watercolors????

Anonymous said...

Major event????!!!!! I must say again, that seeing one's stuff other than in one's own house lends a whole different vantage point! I love your bunny. VB

Doojies said...

I did not hear this one from Pam. Do you use a whole roll? How do you do it if you use the bleach? Perhaps a more kindergarten-like explaination is required. It looks wonderful-gotta try it.

Doojies said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I love it all! Big event tomorrow? I'll tune back in!

Malisa said...

A major event? At your house? Tomorrow? Ooohhh! Sounds interesting! Hope you have a camera! Love your bunny cute!

Linda, I am having a great giveaway...check it out at my blog. Would love for you to participate!


Christine said...

Linda Jo, did I hear you mention over at Nathalie's that it was 80 DEGREES AT YOUR HOUSE???!


Love that bunny so much. I haven't worked with crepe paper yet, let alone take time to bleach it. Are you telling me you are bleaching crepe paper? My kids would lock me up. "Mom, what's this blob of stuff bleeding in the pan on the back porch?" That's all it would take. I have to hide my crazy projects. I can't wait to see what you do with it and I can't wait to see what's going on at your house tomorrow.

Have fun!

Margaret said...

love the crepe paper idea but as mentioned above, set of instructions please!! as for big event, I have an insider tip begins with zzzzzzz does it not?? will she? won't she? will be back to check

Jeanie said...

That little bird box is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I am filled with inspiration! And of course, I'll hurry back!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, what pretty shades it turns! I Love the crepe paper trick!