Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Banners

I'm hosting an Easter Mini-banner swap on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group. I finally finished mine last week. One side is to be SPRING and the other side is to be EASTER... as in the true meaning. Above is my Easter side..... I gessoed some cardstock and then I sewed some fibrous white tissue over them... seemed like a cocoon or maybe burial cloths to me... left them open at the top and dropped butterflies inside that I punched with my Martha Stewart punch. I also have some glitter glue on the edges. Then I made some text with scripture and punched one out for the outside of the "cocoon".
Below are the backs of 3 of my pennants. You can see that I really liked making these stacked flowers.... they got put on my ATC dolls in the previous post! I do obsess!
I just made a text block on my computer, filled it with black and then copied and pasted scripture in it in a light color..... then printed it out, glued it on cardstock and then punched butterflies out!


Anna said...

your banners are beautiful.... I forgot to take pics of mine... -opps I love the cocoon effect and your perfectly punched butterflies "he is risen"..... you will see that I choose the same concept for my spiritual side :) (the he has risen concept - not butterflies :) xoxo amt

Lorrie said...

Beautiful banners!


Jeanie said...

Hi, Linda -- I've been away too long, but I'm getting my groove back. Due to slow-speed, I'm commenting on several here -- like those FABULOUS bluebonnets. Wow. I'm pretty sure we don't have these here.

As for your banner -- I love them both. The idea of the layered/webby paper is wonderful with the butterflies and text.

And finally, Carrot Legs is FOR SURE my favorite of the paper dolls. Take that, you non-carrot types! I think she's fabulous and I love her face as much as the legs!

Oh, and the sewing machine covers -- is there anything you can't do?


Anonymous said...

Your stacked flowers make a perfect decoration, Love the 3d effects too!

Margaret said...

Just had to click on the close ups of those flowers, superb work, love love love the colour combinations. Also very cool idea of the butterflies in cocoons, very inspiring you are! M

maggiegracecreates said...

I love the gossamer fabric overlay --- may I "steal" that idea for some of my work.

Unknown said...

Your butterfly looks like a classy bow tie! I love the paper flowers. I don't know why I never try those myself.

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

I, too LOVE those stacked flowers!