Sunday, September 7, 2008

Texans Lost...

The Houston Texans lost their first game of the season on Sunday. Yes, Charley was disappointed. But the Aggies won! So that made for a good Saturday. We had a party at our house Saturday night with some of our favorite people, the humidity is low and there was no storm within 48 hours of us. What more could one want? Saw both our children this weekend. Life is good. It was also a great mail day on Saturday!!!!!
More about that in the next post.


Anna said...

aweeeeeee - charley is the CUTEST doggie ever!
xoxo anna

Christine said...

Hi Linda Jo!

Charley looks so sweet, I just want to smoosh him. I am such a doggie person.

Can't wait to find out what was in the mailbox. Do tell!