Monday, September 29, 2008

Door Change!

Okay, I changed the flowers on the front door. This one is based on Heather Bullard's . I made it before the storm and had to take it down, so today I added the bird and put it back out...the mosquitoes almost carried me off. Maybe I'll keep adding to it...or not. This is the autumn banner I made from the pennants I got in the swap on Christian Paper Artists. Click on it and you can see it larger!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW girl! Already putting your fall stuff up...well, I guess it is almost October. Ike really through my days and dates off. I love the extra touch of the bird.


Anna said...

diggin the bird!! i really have been uninspired to dig out my fall stuff from the attic - very un-annaish..I'm all about the seasons??

Jeanie said...

Simply beautiful arrangement, and I love the banner. It makes me think about turning my ATCs for fall into a swag! I've seen one version, now yours. Is that a sign? No accidents.

Linda Summerfield said...

Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment! We are feeling fall here in Chicago, trees are changing colors and it's in the 50's. Your banner is wonderful and I love your art!
Another Linda

Unknown said...

Very welcoming front door! Your banner is wonderful too. How do you do the click and make it larger trick on your photos?

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Ooooo! Love the fall decor! I knew I was missin' out on those banner swaps! ;) Some day. Now that Paper Cowgirl is ready, I'll have to get those SB swaps going! ;)