Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Stitched Valentine's Day

I bet you think the St means Saint..... but it means Stitched! Happy Stitched Valentine's Day!

I've been making some stuffed hearts.
Filled with fiberfill and lavender.

I like making them using old linens.
What do you call those..... table scarves?
They're embroidered. 
I have quite a few of my mother's. 
They have rust spots and cigarette burns.
 I think this is a great way 
to use them up.

Did you make any valentines?


Lorrie said...

No stitched ones this year. But I made 3 for my grandchildren from paper, and helped them make some, too. And I made heart-shaped cookies, do they count?
Your stitched hearts from old linens are beautiful. I have lavender from last summer that I would like to make into sachets...someday. Hopefully before this summer's crop gets cut.
Happy Valentine's Day, Linda.

Jeanie said...

Linda, these are just beautiful. I just don't stitch but when I see something I like as much as this, I think I should. They're beautiful and they aren't filled with fiberfill. they're filled with love!

~*~Patty S said...

Your hearts are beautiful Linda ❤
I am always attracted to old linens and you are using them so nicely.
Lavender is the frosting on the cake too in my book.