Wednesday, July 15, 2015


 So......... let's just say that I'm in my 60's and leave it at that.......
but I'm working on my bucket list and I had NEVER been to Las Vegas....

I played some of the slot machines and was so excited to win over $60.
I only played the penny machines.  So this was on a thirty cent bet. 
I cashed out! ha!

These flower images are at The Bellagio Hotel

This is The Aria Hotel
 Sorry these origami birds are sideways.......... I don't know how to fix it in blogger.

I'm not sure where we were here... so much to see.

The main reason we were in Vegas was to attend
the Reba Brooks & Dunn concert
at Caesar's Palace!

   It was great!

I was amazed at how family friendly Vegas is.
I'm sure you can get whatever you want out of it...
just like anyplace else you go.

It was extremely hot when we were there.
I'm talking 109 and up.

I won't share Hoover Dam pictures...
the guys went there, while the women shopped.

Viva Las Vegas!


Jeanie said...

Good for you, winning! I think you are one of a grand minority!

You were at one of my favorite spots in the world -- the Bellagio conservatory. I figure if I have to be in Vegas (one of my least favorite spots in the world, though there are spots that have a great deal of beauty and charm) I'm going to head to the pretty and that's the Bellagio. Wish you could have stopped at the outdoor garden at the Flamingo where the flamingoes and other beautiful creatures wander about. Hard to believe you are in the city.

I'm sure the concert was terrific. I'd love to hear about Hoover Dam. I've been over it but never toured it!

Lorrie said...

Looks like a fun time was had! I've never been to Vegas.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh it's fun to see your photos Linda.
Glad you got to click another thing off your bucket list
AND that was quite an amazing win/profit for you!
Love that Chihuly glass ceiling and all of the mermaid eye candy.
It makes me sweat and feel weak just "hearing" about that scorching temps!
We are due for a bout of nasty hot and humid weather.
Today was gorgeous...even had the windows open for a bit.

sheila 77 said...

Hello Linda, thanks for a trip to another world and how marvellous to win something. The interiors you show look so colourful and different.
Strange to think of the temperature difference, we have been at around 16 or 17C max for months!

Jill said...

You gamble like I do, ha! I don't want to throw money away!