Friday, October 31, 2014

International Quilt Festival 2014

Made it down to the International Quilt Festival yesterday.... lots of beauty to be found!

I loved these red quilts!

But there were others..... I only took a few pictures this year....

.....and this one I took especially for Patty........ 
she would've loved this.... 
another winner!

Go here to see all the winners!


Jeanie said...

Linda, when I saw all that red and white, it took my breath away. My Christmas dream come true. I love your quilt show posts!

carole brungar said...

Wow, gorgeous!! I loved that quilted hanging of the swan and it was made by David Taylor! He was supposed to be teaching at symposium in Palmerston North in January, but all his classes got cancelled too! What a loss. xx

~*~Patty S said...

Swooning over the Swan Quilt = oh my absolutely amazing! You are a doll to think of my sweet Linda!
Those red and white quilts are fabulous too...I missed the exhibit when it came to NYC awhile ago.
It's wonderful that you get to go to the quilt show each much eye candy
I am very happy that you share some peeks with us too here on your bbb!
p.s. Everything looks SO good on my big PC screen!