Friday, October 4, 2013

Warrenton 2013

 In keeping with the "shopping season" theme.....
Spent yesterday at Texas Antique Week ...
often referred to as Round Top! (Round Top is a small Texas town)
I usually head straight to Warrenton,
which is down the road from  Round Top....
 But yesterday two friends and I kept stopping along the road before we got to Warrenton.
Actually helped us pace ourselves and hold on to a bit of energy.  It was quite hot here in Texas yesterday.
Like that boot chair above?  The toe part slides away like an ottoman. 
Would work as a child's chair.  I can tell you about where it is, if you are interested!
Just some images inside Clutter.....
which is a favorite shop simply because of the way they display things.
I only bought a brass R stencil there
(which I think I might already have)...
 but for $3 I couldn't leave it.
Oh..... I got a blue and white plate there, as well!
I can't remember what I buy!!!

They always have great vintage pages/images for sell, too!
Lots of dishes!
I like this area where they have just all kinds of little goodies
 bagged up and fastened with clothes pins.

And then... close to Excess (in Warrenton)..... I found these....
great, great booth...... the owner is from Atlanta....
I always forget to take more pictures.......... but.... if you love cement planters and quirky stuff....
Some of the heads had open eyes and some didn't.
I bought one for me with filled in eyes (so things don't grow out of it)!
For some reason I loved these metal warriors........
There were about 5 of them standing there.
I asked the maker "who buys these?" 
He said, "Rich people."
They are also in restaurants.
He made some special ones for ZZ Top.

We left just before 8, which is when Junk Gypsy Prom starts...
I think it gets bigger every year!
If you haven't experienced it...
put it on your list and consider
dressing up....

Yesterday I asked my friends...
"Who puts up all these tents?"
If you have attended or want to attend..
you might enjoy this video:
Show Daily Part I

and this one:
 Nikki Cory 2012 Video on Antiques Week

Tomorrow is the last day for this year!



Jeanie said...

I watch the junk gypsies on HGTV. Love 'em! What a great time you had -- and good finds, too!

~*~Patty S said...

FUN looking forward to this event each year I'm sure ... too bad it was so hot (but as a TX girl I guess you are used to that!)

The boot chair is really cute!

Smiling that you were drawn to the same stencil and bought it again especially with so much to see...crazy when that happens...

Looking forward to seeing your planted head (I can hear your kids now!)...those fists were nice too!

ZZ Top and metal warriors = oh my...
off to check out your links

Jill said...

That has to be quite an experience. I just donated back some doll heads I bought at a thrift store and didn't sell. Never thought I could used them as a concrete mold!

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky duck to go to Round Top/Warrenton! BY ANY WILD CHANCE did you get a business card from the Atlanta seller of those doll head planters! Would love their contact info. Oh my! I need one of those☺

Hope you are doing well! We're expecting some visitors from TX in a few days. They have great Texan accents which always just makes me smile [and lovingly tease them a bit about it☺] xo