Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday.....
but it's hard for me to not tell you that I saw
fields and fields and fields
between Houston and Fort Worth
this week!
(a little road trip with my sister)
This and several photos I took that look pretty much like this....
were taken with my phone camera....
so not all that great....
But they are incredible........
fields of yellow!
Soooooooo..... does anyone know about raising sunflowers?
Some fields looked wilted and I wondered if they were growing them for seeds?
I just wanted to stop and cut me some flowers....
but I am pretty sure I might've gotten shot.
Have you seen these?
I've made this trip many times but I think I've always missed this particular week of sunflowers!


Jeanie said...

I couldn't be wordless about these, either! I think you just buy a packet of seeds and put them in the ground. I really need to do that, too -- I love 'em and I know right where they'd work! Not a field, but a few.

Lovely, Linda. I'm glad you posted -- and "wrote".

Lorrie said...

Fields of sunflowers are stunning. They grow easily as Jeanie has said.

Jill said...

I know nothing of growing sunflowers except for the few I plant and enjoy every year. Fields of them would be a treat to see!

~*~Patty S said...

LOL on Wordless...I too find that a challenge!
Glad you added words to that striking and beautiful scene...that's the kind of thing I'd "make" "request" Mr M to stop the car for!

We saw a huge field of red poppies in Britain and their Canola/Rapeseed fields were raging in waves of yellow...they even had Foxglove and Lupine growing wild by the side of the road and loads of Rhododendron (which are a pest there I guess)...

sorry I got excited
I would LOVE to see sunflowers like that!
TFS Lidna