Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April Already!

My creative juices seem to have dried up lately!
I've found that I really have to spend hours just priming that pump
sitting in my art room to get them going.
Sitting in the living room doesn't work.... even if I'm reading your blogs!
I have to confine myself to the art room.
And I don't seem to have time to just sit in there for hours lately.

I did find that when I do sit in there for hours and I finally start a project....
I CAN bring it to the living room and sit and do it!

But you know only certain "products" are allowed in my living room these days.
Some people have warned me about the hazards of bringing things that shed onto the sofa.

I made two nests!
They are from Amy's pattern in her current spring issue of Inspired Ideas.
You should get it!
(It helps prime the pump!)


Jeanie said...

I get in spurts too, Linda. Seems as though I need a deadline -- so much of life takes over! Right now the art room is just a mess (from the egg carton creation) and I have to do a good clean-up!

I love your nests, though. They're quite wonderful!

Coleen said...

So pretty, Linda. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Flipping thru my art journal helps get me going. Hope your Easter was blessed. I still have your lovely little tag hanging in my art room.

Coleen in Ukraine

Lorrie said...

Creativity comes in spurts around here, too. I smiled at the thought of you hanging around your studio hoping for inspiration to strike. Cute flowers.

~*~Patty S said...

What beautiful spring like photos and your nests are so pretty too!

Figuring out how and when to create can be challenging ... I spend way too much time in my computer chair ... but do enjoy it all at the same time

Happy April my make me want to make more nests ;)

Terri said...

These are sweet little nests! I have never seen bird nest made like this. What a lovely creative idea.
You did a gorgeous job on yours.

Doojies said...

Precious nests. I've got to do this some day; you've inspired me. And, again, your photos are gorgeous!