Sunday, December 23, 2012

Swap Fun

Natalea at Kandeland hosted a little ornament swap
that I participated in....
Thought you needed to see some SWEEEEET
ornaments today.
Be sure to click on the links and visit their blogs....
My photos do not do justice to any of these.
They are so perfect and so inspired!
Merry Christmas!
Viv's Whimsy
This is such a delightful stocking...
everything created with attention to detail... the little face
is a split styrofoam ball.
Jeanne made these wonderful snow worlds in little jam jars.
French writing surrounds the edge and the top is decorated as well...
 did this doll leg!
It is soooo delightful... filled with beauty...
I have a doll leg that I could do that, too!
 made a beautiful fabric heart with
Joy to the World stitched on.
You know how I love fabric and stitching!
This is soooo special!
Sandy did the tree above and the darling framed image below.... love both!
She stitched the trees with sticks for their base... a lot of work getting that
tree shape...
And below is a delightful image in that sweet frame!

Patty did the beautiful spoon ornament below.... it is her usual exquisity!
I'm pretty sure that's not a word.... but I think I'm going to get away with it.

I made little snow worlds inside of watch case boxes that I order from Lee Valley.

Hard to photograph .... I used my Cropadile to make holes in the top to string a hanger through.
I think you can figure the rest out easily.
I buy little figures when they are on sale at Michael's (for train villages, etc.)!
I added words to the inside of the top with glue.
And I punch a hole in the bottom under the figurine
to hang something like a bell or drop through...
You've still got time!
Have a blessed Christmas....


kandeland said...

thanks for joining...glad you enjoyed the swap!
Have a very Merry Christmas! xox

~*~Patty S said...

It certainly was a delightful swap! The cute baker shaker that I got from you is lots of make it sound easy, but I know different ;)

Glad you liked my Twinkle spoon angel, they certainly were fun to make!

AND you are such a wordsmith Missy!
Merry Merry Christmas dear one...

Unknown said...

Yes all of the ornis were fantastic! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Sandy xox

Jeanie said...

These are way too adorable. I love what you did. And isn't it special to have a tree with such meaningful gifts from friends? Merry Christmas to you!