Friday, November 2, 2012

International Quilt Festival 2012

Do you know what is SOOOOOO amazing about these photographs?
The fact that they exist!
98% (my estimate) of the booths at Quilt Festival
have signs that say "No Photos".... which I do understand.
Most of us there don't need a pattern to make some of these things.
But we do buy patterns because we need them quite often and because we can't remember!

This shop (Handbehg Felts)
encouraged us to take pictures
 and go to their web site
download patterns and buy supplies.
I really appreciate that!

I love their stuff!

more pics tomorrow....
including two cute bag ladies...


~*~Patty S said...

That IS very generous of Handbehg Felts ... I appreciate that kind of generosity and will definitely check out their link

Your head must be so full of wonderful sights!
TFS some photos!

Lorrie said...

I get the no photos, but still... so many of us never get a chance to go! Thanks for showing us what you could.

Unknown said...

I love the leaf one. I guess quilters are afraid you will copy their design? Have a great weekend Linda!

Sandy xox

Jeanie said...

All your quilt festival photos are quite remarkable. What an event!