Friday, April 13, 2012

Zines again....

 I told you here that the QB5 group I'm in is making zines and passing them around for each of us to work in.
 I have Nathalie's right now and it's entitled Collections.
It is such a beautiful zine!
Nathalie does such incredible work with recycled materials especially....
I love it and you must go over and look at her zine on her blog.

So what collections do *I* have!!?  Well.......... too many to talk about in her zine!
I'm sure that's true of all of you reading this. 
Just walking through my house I see a few.
 But I had to narrow it down so there would be room for the others to share their collections....

 I settled on one page talking briefly, very briefly, about my collection of Hummel Wannabee** Accordion Players! I bet you've never known anyone that collected those!!!  I have A LOT of them!!!
 A slight nod to my buttons.
And then a two page spread about my collection of vintage black & white photos.
That was easy...... too easy ..... and most of my photos are of relatives or friends of my relatives.
When people in the family die..... I often get the old pictures that absolutely no one else wants!
So what do you collect?
Anyone got a Hummel Wannabee Accordion Player they want to sell me?

** Note on Monday the 25th... those are Hummel Wannabees (they are NOT real Hummels)
They are Hummel knock-offs made in Japan and Occupied Japan!

...oh just realized I left off my bird salt & pepper shakers photo...
oh well... I wouldn't want you to think I have a lot of stuff in my house...


kandeland said...

how great that you get to have the photos! nice bottle collection too I might add..
hmm. collect? don't get me started...
have a great weekend Linda, xo

Lorrie said...

That is a unique collection - very focused, too.
I don't collect much of anything - sea glass is the only thing I can think of. Yikes, what am I missing?

~*~Patty S said...

saw you had a new post on Margaret's sidebar just now...
WOW you did a great job narrowing down some of your collections *ggg*

never knew you had a "thing" for accordians or is it the wanna be hummel part ;) realize divulging that kind of info opens you to people looking for and sending you MORE of those kinds of collectibles ... hah

I'd better start narrowing down my list right now...can't wait to get my hands on this one too


~*~Patty S said...

oh and I have a bottle collection like yours and photos too...but mine are mostly faux relatives

yours are special!!!
p.s. and buttons too of course
gee I get excited about collecting!!!

Margaret said...

If I had a Hummel Wannabee Accordian Player I would surely sell it to you Linda, especially know that I know what it is! I will be on the lookout
I'm getting rather nervous about this Zine... Mx

Unknown said...

Linda, your pages are awesome! I cannot get over the fact that you collect "Hummel" accordian players. That is so specifically obscure- love it!!! If I ever find one such figurine, I will just GIVE it to you (how expensive could they be?!)

Unknown said...

Hmmm I have an old accordion but it's for kids I think. Congrats on your page spreads!

Sandy xox

Suz said...

I have that bottle collection, too. We bought them at a flea market about twenty years ago and now I take them very carefully from the collection to use!

The Hummels crack me up! I have Hummels, yes, but not Wannabee Accordian Player Hummels!!!

This looks like so much fun.

Hooray QB5's!!!


Anonymous said...

Cute Hummel collection.

I have a Hummel embroidery set that I've used many times and thee little characters never get old.

Pleasure to browse around. Enjoy your day.

Jill said...

I like your collections and your pages you've added to the zine. What are your houses made of? Very neat!

Anonymous said...

As always, you QB's sure know how to have fun! Natalie's idea of "What do you collect?" is the best. The Hummel-wannabe's are too funny! And I even know what those little KLM houses {ours were from KLM} have inside of them. But since I can still see the wax seal, my lips are sealed too. ha ha ha!

xo, Sue