Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painted Ladies, etc.

 I've been grabbing time in the art room when I can lately.... and I worked on some of these girls from Junelle as taught in Christy Tomlinson's 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas class last December.
the girl at the top left below is more influenced by Teesha Moore!!! ha!
and I recently took Theresa McFayden's Letter Whimsey class....
 I still need LOTS of practice with my lettering..
but I did the page below for a Challenge I've set up in Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group...
 each week we will have a new scripture
 and the challenge is to do something artistic with it,
 either a journal page, an ATC, a canvas, stitching, etc....
hopefully share it with that group.

Below is mine for this week...... and I added a light effect to it from Pixlr!


kandeland said...

fun stuff! enjoy playing in your art room today Linda! xo

~*~Patty S said...

the words Painted Ladies always makes me thing of big ole colorful Victorian houses

your painted ladies are fun!!!

your lettering looks great to me...wonder why so many of us do not care for our own handwriting...there is a story there I'm sure...

I am enjoying playing with Pixlr SO much too!

oh I see the dreaded double word scramble below

Julia said...

Linda, I'm proud of you for hanging in there with the crafting while building a new home and being a grandmother! You are very, very good at lettering.

xoxo, Julia

BadPenny said...

How lovely these are.

Margaret said...

Love your painted ladies, they're fab, all of them!
Great colour choice and lettering! Theresa's class is such a good one, I'm throughly enjoying myself too!


Jeanie said...

Linda, these are tons and tons of fun -- love the cheery happy colors -- they make me feel good all over! What a jolly swap you'll have if all are as fun as yours!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh how i adore the fact that you are working on Christmas in February! You are a genius to begin so early [ignoring the fact that this is a catch up project]!!!

These are fun! Love the colors! Also think your Christian PA project is delightful! Such a fun way to artfully compile meaningful Scripture! xo, Sue
p.s. i am now on about my 13th try of trying to prove i'm not a robot. i am beginning to think I AM a robot. lol!

Coleen said...

These are so cute and colorful. And I like the verse in the bottom one.