Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I would never have made them except that
some of my younger friends invited me to come over one night
and make wreaths with them.... they made some beautiful ones!
I made this one on a small foam wreath form. It takes some time to wrap that yarn.
Then I made the flowers out of felt and hot glued them on.

I have some beautiful lilac yarn here... the kind they use for baby stuff.... it's my next one to make!
Have to get those lavendar nursery curtains made first.....
that grandchild will be here with no curtains if I don't get on this!


~*~Patty S said...

Yes it does look like it requires patience and LOTS of yarn too...Love the felt flowers!

go get busy Grandmama

Margaret said...

fab! totally gorgeous Pinterest, makes me want to start preparing for Xmas now... perhaps I should??

Anonymous said...

It is adorable. I might give it a whirl. I have enough yarn laying around. :P

Jeanie said...

I have to do this -- I have a small wreath form and boatloads of leftover yarn. Another monster created!

Sue said...

Reminds me of when I used to make pompoms

Anonymous said...

This is great...never seen anything like this!! Will have to try one of these in fall colors!
Have a blessed week~

Unknown said...

I've seen those sold on etsy. They look very retro 1970s or early '80s (I was crocheting stuffed animals at the time- another yarn craft! haha) Yours is very sweet. One for The Baby's Room would be adorable!