Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Time... Summer in the City...

Day 28 in the July Photo Challenge is about what you can't get enough of.
I have a lot of responses for that.... but the easiest shot was a photo of one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants in the area.
Then on the 29th.... it was about "what I did today".
I actually spent some time in my art room. I wanted to clean it up....
but what often happens is I start using the stuff on my desk
to make a postcard or atc to send to someone.

If you like strawberry-banana jam, go visit Patty at This My Blessed Life

and enter her giveaway.

It ends August 7th, so don't delay!

My blog seems to be dragging lately...

come on cooler weather!


Debe said...

At least YOU blog. I just think about it! We should all take a roadtrip some weekend to Magpie? Then lunch. Whatcha think?

Suz said...

Lovely restaurant picture, Linda Jo. I love those colors. Have similar ones in my house. My blogging is dragging, too. I do a little...and then I am just well as lazy!!!

Unknown said...

I love all the stuff on your desk! I am starting to like Mexican food now. I only eat it in the States though. I wish you could have come to the retreat!!!


~*~Patty S said...

your filter(s)/textures looks o good on your restaurant photo and seeing your art table makes me want to come and play!!!
p.s. fun that we did all 31 days of the flickr challenge...isn't it!

kandeland said...

Mexican restaurants for sure!

Lorrie said...

Yum for Mexican food! I know that you are enduring extreme heat, but we've been so cold up here in the Pacific Northwest that I'm glad to report we've had a few warmer, sunnier days lately, although I'm still wearing a light sweater in the mornings.

Unknown said...

Maybe THAT's why I've had a hard time being creative-- there is no mess on my desk to rummage through! (haven't made much of a mess in my studio since the move). Love the creations on your desk!

YES to Mexican food! Makes me hanker for a midnight snack just thinking about it.

Patty said...

I think Nathalie is right! I seem to be more creative when my desk is such a mess that I only have about a 12X12" space to work in...and really, what IS the point in cleaning it because it's just going to get mess again (kinda like cleaning your house when the kids are still living there).

Jeanie said...

Yes, you've been plagued with the heat and dryness. It's been warm here, but nothing like you have. Well, the colorful colors on your table don't tell sadness!