Monday, January 17, 2011


My mind is spinning this morning about what I can blog about
without taking pictures of the latest acquisitions.
Above is this thing I love...
(spoken in Old Spice Guy voice)
I asked for it for Christmas.
My son and daughter-in-law
got it for me.
It was on Anthropologie's web site.
Right now I just continue to admire it.
Yes, it spins!
It was advertised as something to put flatware in.
You know I'm going to put brushes and pens in it.
Although..... my inclination is to put small dolls in it as some sort of amusement ride for them!
While looking on the computer for pictures I could use today instead of taking new ones...
I noticed some old images that make me wonder what I did with those items of clothing.
This picture below (it's NOT as old you think)... IS over 10 years old....
I had a dress that was so fun...
we had some kind of retro party for high school youth at church.
(and, yes, I got it at a thrift store)
but why did I get rid of it...?
(of course, let's ignore the fact that I could not possibly still get my body in it)
And here is a picture of me in snow...
(for my friends that live in it)
Where is that top?
The point of this is....
be careful what you give away! a footnote....
Henry is okay!!!
He passed the foreign object!
(you have to be careful with wording on your blog or you get lots of spam)
Any clothing giveaway regrets?


~*~Patty S said...

Great news on your grand doggie!

that IS a super spinny many possibilities!

it seems I get attached to a handful of clothing items each season...some carry over from year to year...

I still lament for a beautiful embroidered rayon open blouse that I lost in Hatteras NC. I had it draped over my purse while out for a walk and it slipped off...never to be seen again...I no longer drape anything over my purses

oh got me going...I
try not to dwell on it...but I can still "see" was so pretty ;)

Happy Monday

Dogwood said...

Fun pictures.
I love you new spinning triple basket.
So many uses for it.

Glad Henry is doing well.

Unknown said...

Yes, I can see your spinner filled with dolls AND artist supplies (why NOT both?)

PASSING a foreign object? Ouch!

Clothing regrets. NO. I try not to look back. Although I still have a Laura Ashley dress I paid FAR too much money for and waiting for it to become "vintage" so I can wear it or resell it. ha!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Good boy, Henry!!! No more foreign diet samples, stick to the domestic stuff like dog food, and maybe a stolen plate of food from time to time-but nothing too spicy!

"spoken in Old Spice Guy voice" ha ha ha You crack me up.

Love your new spinny!

This old packrat must ignore your question about past regrets with parted clothing items. To do otherwise could cause me to graduate from a simple packrat to a full blown hoarder!

Margaret said...

won't they all fall out if you spin them?? although if it's like you on your exercise bike I guess they won't be spinning that fast...rofl...
You look like you were born to be on snow, so poised, can you ski??
Glad to hear henry is doing well!

Suz said...

Wonderful spunky objet! Extremely cute pic of you and hubby's. And I am so glad Henry is ok!

Jill said...

Hi Linda! You won my heart garland giveaway! Just email me your mailing address and I can get it off to you. Also, that is a fine spinner! jrruskampatmsndotcom

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Give away? More like can't find it anymore. One parsonage we lived in had a bedroom sized closet (old victorian) and it was my downfall in clothes organization. I simple loss track of my clothes. Every once in a while I open a box and Gadzooks ~ it is like getting a whole new wardrobe. Blame it on the years of having to move ever 3 or 4 years or on my increasing forgetfulness. I hope you find a replacement that you can adore wearing! And I love your new brush holder! XXOO

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh my head has been spinning too lately. So much to blog about! I need that spinning organizer too (and I'm saying it in the Old Spice voice too), LOL!I'm glad Henry is ok now!

Sandy xox

Jeanie said...

Incredibly cool and so glad Henry is well. LOVE the stocking!

Right now I'm longing fo rtwo things I appear to have lost -- a pashmina in wonderful turqs and browns and a tube scarf I bought in AZ that can be a turban, come up on the face or just be on the neck. I may need tobuy another.

Anonymous said...

Good news that Henry is fine! No clothing give-away regrets, but have many times gone to look for something only to remember later that I had donated it to thrift and forgotten.