Wednesday, December 15, 2010

QB5 Christmas Swap

The QB5 girls did a "junkle ornament" swap for December....
Patty and I (the ones with nothing better to do) got our ornaments sent out into the world... where they have arrived at their destinations.
So I will show you!
Patty did the adorable little bird nestled in tinsel!
Hanging below the little nest is a thimble bell she created!
And it all is suspended from the sweet twisty wires!
Margaret took pictures in the snow of these and I swiped her shot of mine (don't tell her).... Mine is done in a little tart pan.
I bought an ornament from Cari Kraft about 3 years ago that inspired this!
I used some disks I bought at Quilt Festival to glue an image under
and then mounted on a cork I cut down
and glued in the center.
I surrounded it with paper I shredded and even some shredded paper that is so thin and wonderful that I bought from Cari last year.
And the entire swap was inspired by this woman!
Doncha just love junk!


Lorrie said...

I love junk, and I love what you've done with it. Gorgeous!

~*~Patty S said...

I adore your QB5 tart ornament Linda...Margaret's pic IS a perfect look at it...I tried taking one of yours on my little turquoise tree today with no success...I am missing natural light for photos for the bbb...there is a tiny window of opportunity to snap pictures inside here

you sure took some sweet pics of the thimble bell birdie!...junkles any time of year will be fun!

Unknown said...

Oo I love your orni! Have a joyous Christmas my friend!

Sandy xox

Katie said...

Hi Linda! I made my photo blocks. I also started my blog. I don't know how to make it cute though.:( Ah's the link:

Jeanie said...

You guys do the best swaps! I've missed being able to blog check -- so good to be back. Love your header. Perfect.

Unknown said...

My favorite part about your ornament, Linda is the tarnished bead strung on the ribbon (from a vintage garland?) And Patty's is the bird and that German tinsel--although the thimble was genius too!

Margaret said...

Ha, I found out eventually! I shall expect candy canes galore next year in return! and I promise you will get the one I made you before Dec 2011! well, here's hoping...