Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chalkboard Paint

No, I didn't paint Henry!
But he is black.....all over...
no other color except inside his mouth and he has black spots even on his tongue!
Makes photography a challenge!
Sunday was his first birthday
and his parents
gave him a party!
Lots of people and I think about 7 dog guests!
Everyone had a great time!
And all the dogs... pretty much... wore hats... at least for awhile!
So...about the chalkboard paint.... I finally found it...at Lowe's! a few weeks ago... I painted an old gaudy gold frame glossy white. I painted a canvas with the chalkboard paint..... I need to work on my chalk writing skills. I think I need some better chalk, too... but I can't seem to remember to look for it when I'm out.
Below is an old aluminum tray that belonged to my mother-in-law!
I knew I needed to have that!
Who knew it was sooooo bumpy in the middle!
This is what it looks like on the back....
I'm hanging it in the kitchen.
I wrote Chalk on it as a reminder!
And after I made those.... I saw this..... go look! Look at this plate!! Have you used chalkboard paint yet?


~*~Patty S said...

Oh Lordy
now you make me think I MUST have chalk paint too...tried to resist...it's futile
I did cringe when I saw you painted an aluminum tray ... I have kinda been collecting those kinds of pieces ... not even sure why!
Someone painted inside old silver plate trays too and those were neat.
Love what you've done...look out Linda has the black paintbrush in her hand!
Happy Happy Bday to Henry!

Lorrie said...

I've made one small project with chalkboard paint but I can think of a zillion other uses for it. Just need the time.
The paint really makes the design pop on the aluminum tray - great idea!
Hope you remember to get chalk on your next shopping trip!

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Yes, I've used spray can on a tray. Get Chalk Markers at Michaels (with a coupon!) So much nicer! I've also seen it on silver platters... So fun. At SB I saw glimmer mist in green chalkboard - oh, it looked divine - I will get some.

Jeanie said...

First of all, I know those black dog challenges -- a friend had one once, and I swear, with all the photos I take, I only got two decent ones in about ten years..

Love the chalkboard paint. I've never used it, but as always, you're an inspiration.

Speaking of which, my bleached trees are adorable. I took them to my sale but if I don't sell a one, I won't really care! After bleached, hand painted them in pastel water colors and glittered. Cutest thing ever!

Malisa said...

I'm thinking about painting Lurch with chalkboard paint and decorating him for Christmas! What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Henry!


Unknown said...

I didn't know it stuck to metal! Love that redone aluminum tray (they are kind of too ugly in their original state otherwise...)

You could probably write messages on Henry too. heehee. Imagine, your kids come home and find "feed me" written on his side, or "missed you". hahahahahaha

I crack myself up!

Kateyed said...

You know, Linda, I have always wanted to play with that. Maybe I need a grandchild or two first. But then again, Jud and I need reminders, too. I like the idea of those chalk markers from Michaels. Thank you, Peggy!

Love your dog! So sweet!

Laura said...

Hi Linda-
Thank you so much for coming by my blog-
but now I am curious-
how do I bleach bottle brush trees?
Do I just drop green ones in bleach?

White Spray Paint

Your chalkboard tray is great!

Anonymous said...

A birthday party for Henry! The dog lover gene was passed along obviously--too cute! A story such as this makes it safe for me to confess that our Lab gets to go to Doggy Daycare once in a while just because she loves, loves, loves playing with other pooches.

I picked up some paintspray cans of chalkboard paint at Home Depot a while back...have not tried it yet. But good to know that Lowes carries the normal version if mine doesn't work well. Sending some belated birthday love to your four-legged grandbaby! Xo, Sue

Kathleen said...

My parents made me the coolest framed chalkboard for my entryway. It is gigantic. It was my Christmas present last year. We found this silver, beat-up frame at an outlet. They painted plywood with chalkboard paint and attached it to the back. It is my fave. I'm such a nerd. I change it for holidays and birthdays and stuff. I had the Green Bay Packers (my husband is from Wisconsin) football schedule written up there most of the fall. I'm glad I didn't put Tech up! How embarassing...