Monday, May 3, 2010

Zeta Quilt

So finallllllllly ....
I can reveal one thing I've made in the last couple of months!
My daughter
has been asking me to make a quilt from her college sorority t-shirts
for quite a few years.
I did it!
Saturday some friends of mine gave her a bridal shower.
It was my gift to my daughter.
When she saw what it was,
she said "It took me getting married, to get this!"
I made the top and paid to have it machine quilted.
My sister sewed the binding strips to it
then last week I slipstitched
the binding to the back!
It was a huge surprise!
Below are some blurry photos....
but thought you'd enjoy anyway.
I was sitting across the room as the host home
has lots of steps and remember I'm sidelined
with my foot so it's easiest to just plant me somewhere
right now.
Below is a blurry shot that I thought my followers might enjoy...
BFFV wrapped her gift in recycled paper and made an ice cream cone
for the front of the package that contained an ice cream maker...
Next is a photo of me in the wheelchair, with daughter behind me and the shower hostesses.
Now what can I make?


BadPenny said...

how fabulous! my aunt started a quilt for her daughter in the 70's - I still don't know if it's finished !!!

Unknown said...

Totally cool and unique!
As far as what to make next? I'm sure you'll think of SOMETHING!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

The quilt really turned out great, so colorful and full of memories...a real piece of history.

I know whatever you get into, it will be fun!

Jeanie said...

Very cool -- took her getting married and you being laid up, but whatever it takes! Bravo!

Kateyed said...


What a lovely thing to do.I know she will treasure it always. I was in a sorority in college and we were forever getting teeshirts and sweatshirts (we were in South Dakota, understand) for this and that and I just eventually dumped them (*sadness*).

I would enjoy that even now!

You are clever!


carole brungar said...

Linda the quilt looks GREAT!! Wow, who wouldn't love it? Lucky girl! :)

The Charm House said...

My daughter is a Zeta also. She has wanted me to do the same thing. She is also getting married this month. I told her that we would make it a mother/daughter project after she was married. :)
Enjoy this time!

Anna said...

you would not believe how many tshirts - I have yet to make into a quilt...(a whole tupperware bin full and then one tupperware bin for each boy!!) I love how you designed it.... and I do love the quilt pattern... You look great amongst all those dirt divas!! xo- amt