Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So.... look what Anthropologie sent me for my May birthday! Like my daughter said when she saw the above little pouch... if they had only known you would have been totally satisfied with the button pouch, they didn't need to include a 15% off coupon! Took these pictures when I was there Saturday night!
For even better pictures, visit Charlotte Lyons blog. And, no, she goes to the one in New York City.
Look who busted his sutures out and had to go back to the vet on Monday afternoon and be re-sutured! This time they put a bandage on!
They were afraid he would eat the bandage before.... but since he's blind in his right eye, he really doesn't do well with the bucket on his head.


Unknown said...

The button pouch is AWESOME! So glad you ordered me one of their catalogs!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

VERY cool pouch, I Need their catalog too! We have a store in the DC area and it's always such a treat to visit. This one looks fab and I LOVED the bee windows on the blog link you gave.

Cute doggie, hope he's feeling much much better now, he sure sounds frisky enough

Jeanie said...

Poor baby -- but he looks happy!

That pouch is amazing!

Amanda said...

I love the pouch! But most importantly, I LOVE THE "POOCH"! Poor Charley. I am glad that he is recovering well. He just needs his "head nurse" to care for him a little more. You must go to my blog for the biggest news!! You will be surprised!!! Let's just say...."PURE LOVE"!

Ashlyn said...

Oooh, I love this puch birthday card. I love giving/recieving unusual gifts! And to get a 15% coupon too, NICE!

Give your pooch and extra squeeze for me, he's such a cutie!
Hugs, Ashlyn

ooglebloops said...

Guess I'll be sending for Anthropologie's catalog also!! They ought to give you another cool pouch for mentioning it to everyone!!!

Glad your pup came thru everything ok!!