Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where oh where did my inspiration go?

Apparently I can't create in a neat and tidy (do those mean different things) room!
So after many hours of fretting and cutting out and making a FEW stacks around me, I was finally able to do something worth showing or at least mailing out!!! I have two swaps coming due involving valentine banners .... and I have been totally BLOCKED creatively. But I think I do like my little floral bouquets. I just stopped and thought "what is it that I've done that I really like...just go with that and stop trying to create the wheel." So I reflected on a Pam Garrison class at Silver Bella and found some inspiration.
Then I also whipped up a little birthday gift for a friend and popped that in the mail (talking to those British people a lot is effecting my vocab) ... hee hee!


Anna said...

genius! I love the flowers... I signed up for the mini banner swap at "in this house" - :) I'm working on my mini for them now and plan to mail tomorrow :) along with a package for YOU!!!

Christine said...

Linda, there are adorable! Oh, how I wish I could play too. I love the pinks and browns and the little nosegays are just the perfect touch with the little banners.

I will share my chandelier with you soon. The pic is on my other computer at work. I promise!


Amanda said...

You are incredible!!!! I just love it!

Margaret said...

ok so maybe I should have joined the swap afterall sigh... these are gorgeous, love the colours and the textures

Cindy said...

Love your banner with the little flower bouquets! Are all of those little flowers vintage? If not, where do you find the little velvet ones? Love those!


Unknown said...

Your banners are adorbale (I can only echo the other comments, since I am arriving to late to visit you). The posey bottle is also very cute! LOVE the key you have haning from the neck. I need to get working on my banners!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh how beautiful!!! Love them!!!

Jeanie said...

My motivaton is on low gear, but seeing these inspires me lots! (Now if I can just figure out how to get the time!)

The little word I have to type on blogger is articein. I like that.