Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Times... they are a changin!

<-Student Section..khaki area is the Corp! Other light area is where the band sits.For at least 8 years I would take out the binoculars and find my kids sitting in the student section. It was just something I did during the game. I always knew where their seats were that day, so that helps! But now I no longer have to look for my kids. Now they are sitting next to me!! They are not going to like these pictures of themselves...but that's too bad, isn't it! I'll post some better ones of them later. I know you don't read this blog to hear about Aggie football ... so back to the paper art very soon!!! Can you believe it's September!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

No I CANNOT BELIEVE it's September!!! Can't wait for cooler weather and cocooning with art. :)

Anonymous said...

You're right! I hate that picture! Bob and I both look mad... must have been a bad play.